These collections are NOT generic clipart collections.

These high-quality images are color digital web graphics (except for some black and white or sepia diagrams), maps, sketches or charts), are derived from vintage ephemera resources, and are generally collected, scanned, photographed, cropped or enhanced in some way to create higher quality images  and format for your personal use. I customize and re-package the images as themed collections of  high-quality imagery for your pages and personal projects.  

Note: As wonderful as the images are, they are generally not created in a resolution suitable for printing projects without enhancement, using a graphics program.  Those suitable for printing as-is, will be noted in collection descriptions.

In some cases, you might want to use or download a graphics editor for editing imagery that needs cleanup, cropping or resizing to suit your own needs. Scans of book pages are generally not cropped. Sizes are assorted, some ephemera may have original marks, faint writing, age or fingerprint ghosting, signatures (on old greeting cards) etc. You will also need the ability to extract large sizes of .zip files and saving them to your computer files. Most systems do have a built-in zip file extractor. If not, you can easily find and download free .zip file apps from the web.

.Zip file downloads are regularly tested. We don't have a tech staff to help you if you cannot download. Please try emptying your computer's temporary files, trash bin, cookies folder, and check your security and anti-virus/malware settings to be sure that you can download files from the web, that you have room on your hard drive to download, extract and save the images. Best to do that before attempting the downloads. There is absolutely no refund for purchased packages that you cannot download or use. Once our premium graphics leave this site, they're technically out in the wild, and we have no idea of their ultimate destination.

Enjoy the graphics, enjoy your visit to the site, and be sure to visit occasionally for new stuff, more gardening articles, and garden designs. If graphics are used on your personal website, links to this site are always welcome so that others may enjoy it. Posting on image-harvesting sites such as Pinterest, Etsy or Flickr is not permitted.

General etiquette and rules for use of  images are listed here.

Botanical and Natural History Illustrations, Paintings and Woodblock Prints

Most graphics are garden and nature-related, but a lot of retro categories will be added, as well as animations

Japanese Zen 
-Gardens and Landscapes
Colorful Garden Design Plans Hi-Res Blossoms and Bouquets

Medicinal Herb Illustrations

16th Century illustrations
Medical Botany -"De Materia Medica"

Rikka zu
Japanese Art of Flower Arrangement

Color Illustrations from 
Temple of Flora 1807
Japanese Floral Designs Botanical Illustrations 
of  Pierre-Joseph Redouté
Vintage Seed Packets-Flowers, Fruit 
and Veggie  Botanical Illustrations
18th Century Botanical Illustrations
of Plants Used In Medicine 
Chinese Rice Paper Florals 19th Century Decorative 
Foliage Plants Illustrations
Botanical Illustrations
-Plants For The Home Garden
Succulents/ Cacti Illustrations Nature And The Butterfly
Best Veggies For The Home Gardener Vintage Bird Illustrations Botanical Illustrations of Edible Fruit
Farm to Table and Garden Fresh Botanical Medicine Japanese Art- Birds in Nature
Asian Art Mega-Collection Botanical Illustrations for 
'Shroom Lovers
WWI and WWII Poster Art 
(victory garden, etc.)
Exotic Plant Illustrations Hiroshige Japanese Woodblock Prints Cactus Illustrations
High Quality, Color 300 dpi, .tiff format 
illustrations of Fruit and Flowers
Fruit  Labels and Seed Packets High Quality, Color 300 dpi, .tiff 
format illustrations of Butterflies

Say It With Victorian Florals

Watch This Space 

1930's-60's Graphics From Vintage Ephemera 
greeting cards, trade cards, advertisements and postcards.
Gardens, recipe cards, and holiday floral subjects

- Vintage greeting and trade card fronts and all types of nostalgic ephemera to use as the original greetings, or crop out/eliminate
 or add text, and save separate pieces of the art tas new images o create new graphics from the  card's original themed graphics. 
Your computer probably has a native graphics editing program that can handle simple cropping and resizing chores.
You'll need a graphics editor to do  bigger stuff, like creating new images from pieces you've cropped, 
applying image effects, or praying out texts or removing background stuff.  There are several basic free apps for that.


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