Most of my landscape design in the backyard portrays a very zen and serene atmosphere. A blend of Japanese, Buddhist, Chinese and Thai, a very Asian feel in my garden decor. Modern pieces go well as accents. And plants are chosen to convey serenity and peace. I practically live in my gardens from spring to late fall. It's my haven, and it's decorated as if i do live in it. The nearby bird and pollinator habitat just adds that much more to the habitat I create for myself.

I plant large specimen plants, like bamboo, in containers for two reasons.... first, it's easy to move a container if i change my mind about placement, than it is to dig up and shock the plants and move them. And, I can grow plants that are normally considered invasive in open ground, in a container that keeps the plant under my control. It also gives you something nice to look at, and adds height to the garden.

Garden benches and seating are placed so that i can see the feeders, fountains and birdbaths. Instead of one big design, the landscape consists of different nooks, containing different plantings, birdbaths and feeders. All landscapes are organic, bird and pollinator friendly, And the addition of windchimes and Asian symbolism adds to the charm.

Stone and resin statuary, galvanized tub of Irises. Elderberry shrub, 
Blue Rug Juniper and Peonies. Non-hardy succulent vines hang over the pot.

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New planting of Elderberry and succulent ground cover vines in a raised bed. River rocks. I like my larger items in containers for portability adding height, and control of growth. Peony shrubs will bloom in May. Mason jars filled with solar fairy lights add a pretty glow at night.

Hosta "Patriot", Chinese Vases, Cranes, Iris, Pink Sedum, Honeysuckle vines, Japanese Dappled Willow, Tree form Rose of Sharon, rubber mulch, river rock, solar lanterns and fairy lights.

Raised garden beds to plant in sections. Peacocks and new plantings of sedum and Chrysanthemums, and a bowl of flowering sedum upcycled from a cracked and unusable top of a birdbath.

Feathery Ferns, Potted Jade plants, new Bee Balm, creeping phlox and ornamental grasses.

 Elijah Blue (fescue) Festucca below. A beautiful evergreen ornamental grass that grows into a 10-12" fuzzy ball

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Veggie Garden Design in .pdf format


There are some very beautiful garden decor pieces and statues made of a weatherproof resin. Beats carrying and storing fragile and heavy pieces for winter.

Bamboo, Rain Chain and Baby Dragon in a Birdcage

Cascading solar fountain, river rocks and Elijah blue fescue. New plantings of Chrysanthemums