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Within my garden is a quiet, not-so-secret garden where faeries, sprites and all manner of wee folk dwell among the flowers and trees, in harmony with the birds and butterflies. 
There Be Faeries Here. And elves, nymphs, sprites, tree men, and pixies.

In folklore, fairies are said to sleep in foxglove's bell-shaped flowers, and wear them as gloves.Thyme is also thought to be a favorite of fairies. Photos will show them in my lemon thyme beds. Bluebells are also enjoyed. Legend has it that they ring the bluebells to call a meeting. Large flowered plants are said to be used as parasols or upside down to catch dew and bathe in. Any plant that attracts butterflies, bees  and hummingbirds are a favorite. Fairies are said to be close to these pretty garden creatures. It is said that they also  love Pansies, Bee Balm,  (of which i have all over the gardens...Foxglove, Sunflowers (birds love the seeds). Nasturtium, Columbine, Tulip, Snapdragon, Cosmos, and Violets.

The idea for this garden always began with my fondness for Tolkien and The Hobbits, and the trilogy of movies. II wanted my gardens to be a place that the wee folk and guardians would dwell in peace and beauty. Naturally, there are faeries, pixies, and i added a wee pool of water nearby for baby mermaid beings. I had much of the elements I needed. Moss, stones, petrified wood, driftwood and branches. And the plants to make their hiding places and playgrounds. Naturally, there are Tree Folk, and a baby dragon or two. Their dwellings are outfitted with solar lights in their windows, and the village glows softly  at night. Jars of solar fairy lights light the way. Birds visit and watch over the village in the daytime, as well.  I'm having trouble finding elf residents that resemble Tolkien's elves, not Santa's working elves.... but I WILL find them.

I enjoyed weaving natural materials and my houseplants into the magical landscape. Here are the photos of some of the spirit world elements i used, as well as parts of the layout i designed to keep the wee folk happy in my gardens. I will add little enclaves in other nooks of the gardens. Once you begin a wee village, it just keeps building itself in your head until you make it happen. It's a place that always makes me smile, and it coaxes out the little girl with the head full of fairytales outside to play, or to sit near it and watch it glow in the evenings.


Below are the residents and decorative elements I've used so far, and their placement within the Garden. 

To understand Nature folklore and help with your garden design and spiritual 
gardening intentions,  be sure to visit the Garden and Nature Folklore page.


This gallery contains thumbnails of the large photographs. Just click the little images to open up the large image. 
Photographs are copyrighted and are not to be copied, print-screened or  downloaded.

Photography ©2020 Mary Hyland. All rights reserved.

Petrified Wood 
and Driftwood 

Photography©2020 Mary Hyland

photography©2020 Mary Hyland

Photography ©2020 Mary Hyland

Fairy Flower Babies

Photography ©2020 Mary Hyland. All rights reserved.

Fairy Lights

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